Nina Brand San Marzano Tomatoes w/ Basil DOP

NINA Brand San Marzano tomatoes

NOTES: DOP and Certificazione Agroalimentare seals present, 2009 crop, imported by Jos. Rutigliano and Sons, Plainfield, NJ

28 oz can (1lb, 12oz.) Peso Netto 793g.
Can is numbered No. 0015500

Purchased at Antonios, Inc. Wanamassa NJ, Ocean Township


Appearance: Very good looking fruits. Deep red and uniform size–medium to medium large. The accompanying sauce was thick, sweet and tasty. Smooth flesh which held up moderately well to the touch.

Taste: Characteristic sweetness to the fruit is present, but marred, I thought, by a little too much citric acid, and bitter basil leaf.

Smell: Sweet and tomatoey.

Overall: I’m no expert in the production of canned tomatoes, but I find it odd that this tomato was canned in 2009, as I consumed them only days before 2012. This, however, may not be odd at all in the industry. I liked these tomatoes, though I found the slight bitterness a little undesirable. The size of the tomato, the color, and the texture were all very good.

I give this tomato a 4 out of 5


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